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Teacher Educational Grants

The Germantown Community Scholarship Fund, Inc. (“GCSF”) has been dedicated to helping graduating seniors finance their post high school education for over two decades. While the Fund's focus continues to be on student scholarships, the board is also committed to Germantown School District teachers for their efforts in helping these students develop.

We understand that to successfully help students grow, teachers must broaden your knowledge through conferences and workshops. We also understand that limited district funding may preclude teachers from attempting new and creative methods of improving your students' academic performance and classroom experience. To help lessen the financial burden of teachers' development courses and to encourage innovative classroom projects, we are offering grants of up to $500.00 to reimburse Germantown School District teachers for costs incurred in connection with attending professional development courses that will relate directly to your students or implementing classroom and educational programs, all as described in more detail in the attached Statement of Philosophy of Awarding Educational Grants.

The number and amount of grants available will be determined each year by the Board of Directors of the Germantown Community Scholarship Fund, Inc. No grant may exceed $500.00 without the consent of the Board of Directors of the Germantown Community Scholarship Fund, Inc., and the Board may, from time to time, establish or modify the guidelines to be followed in connection with the grant program.

Unless otherwise agreed by the Scholarship Committee, grants will be used to reimburse a teacher for costs incurred upon submission of appropriate documentation evidencing the costs so incurred.

Click here to download a copy of the Teacher Educational Grant Application

Teacher’s Education Grant Timeline (2017-18 sample)

September 18 Education Grant Application available to District faculty online at germantownscholarhsip.org and in the guidance office at GHS and the main offices of the elementary schools and middle school.
October 31 Applications due to Germantown Community Scholarship Fund
December 4 Announcement of Grant Recipients
May, 2018 - Date TBD Teacher Education Grant Awarded to faculty members

Grant Funds

The Board of Directors (the "Board") of the Germantown Community Scholarship Fund, Inc. ("GCSF") will annually establish the amount available for educational grants ("Grants") to one or more teachers employed by the Germantown School District. No one grant shall exceed $500.00.  The Scholarship Committee of GCSF (the "Scholarship Committee") shall establish such guidelines as it determines appropriate to govern the amount of Grants, the criteria for the award and use of Grants and the procedure for implementing the Grants.

Basic Criteria

To be eligible to receive a Grant, a teacher must be employed by the Germantown School District, both at the time of application and at the time reimbursement is requested.

Grants are intended to reimburse a recipient for the costs of:
(a) approved professional development activities such as professional seminar or workshop which will benefit your curriculum;
(b) approved educational supplies for use in the classroom; and/or
(c)  projects that will enhance the education of students or faculty within the Germantown School District
(d) Grants will not be given for travel/lodging expenses in association with development activities.

Grants are to be paid as reimbursement for costs incurred by the recipient and will not be paid in advance without the prior agreement of the Scholarship Committee. To the extent costs are to be advanced, the teacher may be required to agree to reimburse GCSF in the event the funds are not used as agreed.

Grants for professional development activities must be utilized for courses taken during the current or following academic year or the recipient will forfeit the Grant. Grants for other costs may be used to reimburse the teacher for costs incurred during the academic year in which the application is submitted, however, preference will be given to costs to be incurred in the academic year following the date of the award of the Grant. In any event, all Grants should be utilized during the academic year in which the application is submitted or the following academic year. Unless otherwise agreed by the Scholarship Committee, any Grants not used within said time period will be forfeited. The Scholarship Committee may consider extending the time period within which a Grant may be used upon application by the recipient.

Grants are limited to $500.00 per teacher per year. Grants are one-time awards. Grant recipients may apply for Grants that involve the same or similar supplies or projects; however, preference will be given to new applications.

Application Process

All faculty currently teaching within the Germantown School District are candidates for the Education Grant. Applications are due to the GHS counseling office by the due date. The Scholarship Committee will administer and evaluate all applications. Scholarship Committee members are not permitted to participate in the selection process if they have spouses or family members applying for a Grant. The philosophy of the Board in awarding Grants is to identify those teachers who have defined goals and plans to improve education for both students and peers in the Germantown School District.

The Scholarship Committee will review the applications in accordance with the following criteria, which may be modified from time to time by the Scholarship Committee:

          Project Design.  The application must describe the primary purpose of the Grant and its impact on the education of students and/or teachers. Classroom supplies require an explanation on how they will benefit both students and teachers. Any course/class you wish to attend requires a detailed description. To the extent a Grant is sought to reimburse a teacher for costs associated with a classroom project, the project should be described in detail, as well as the benefits of the project and the implementation plan.

          Number and Type of Students:  Applicants should clearly identify the target audience and why this course/project/supply is important to them in relation to the rest of the student/faculty population.

Education Based:  The course/project/supply must demonstrate that it is sound in educational theory.

          Creativity:  The course/project/supply should demonstrate creative ways of teaching, learning, or engaging others in the education of children.

          Potential Impact: The course/project/supply should identify the importance and significance for the target audience. It should also identify the intended learning outcomes.

Consistent with the GCSF Education Grant Philosophy:  The GCSF will also evaluate grant requests for their overall support of the goals of GCSF.


2017-18 Grant Recipients

  • Heidi Timm, Grades 9-12 Functional Skills, GHS - Grant to Implement a student run coffee shop in collaboration with special education and regular education students. 
  • Jeff Schreiber, Library Media Specialist, GHS - Grant to invite author Andrew Maraniss to speak to students at GHS and Kennedy middle school.
  • Dawn Books Kosanke, Kindergarden, MacArthur - Grant to purchase learning tools a.k.a. toys that can be used to allow children to play creatively and cooperatively.
  • Janel Gliniecki, Grades 9-12 Odysseyware Credit Recovery and ILC Study Hall - Grant to purchase alternative types of seating for the classroom.
  • Jeffery Thielke, Project Lead the Way, Plastic Technology and Technology Education, KMS - Grant to purchase a maker bot replicator mini +3-d printer.
  • Mark McClellan, Grades 11-12 Environmental Science, GHS - Grant to continue the pond trail that was started last year to link the three pond ecosystems together
  • Lori Herden, K-5th Grade, Amy Belle - Grant on behalf of all Amy Belle teacher to engage students in the STEM (science/technology/engineering/math) activities with app driven mini robots called Meeper Bots.


2016-17 Grant Recipients

  • Tiffany Brewer/Angela Dora/Mary Van Slett, 3rd grade, MacArthur - Grant to purchase one DC-21 Epson document camera.
  • Nicole Leffler/Candice Miller, Early Childhoold Program/Special Education, Rockfield - Grant to expand "Bucket Fillers" program.
  • Jeffery Thielke, Grades 6-8 Tech Ed, KMS - Grant to purchase one Maker Bot Mini Compact 3D printer.
  • Mark McClellan, 11-12th grade environmental science, GHS - Grant to purchase wood supplies and hardware to construct a "floating" trail at the Menomonee River.
  • Gayle Groth, 1st grade, Amy Belle - Grant to purchase materials to support LEGO Education MoreToMath and LearnToLearn curriculum packs.
  • Becky Witteman, School Counselor, KMS - Grant to expand "Mindfullness" program.
  • Lindsay Baranowski, ELL and Spanish, GHS - Grant to attend the WIDA National Conference in October, 2017.
  • Melissa Pecunia, 1st grade, MacArthur - Grant to purchase Stomp Rockets, hand rockets, and/or Air Blasters for Science curriculum.

2015-16 Grant Recipients

  • Vicki Niehus/Linda Krohn, 4th grade, Rockfield - Grant to purchase "Orphan of Ellis Island" books to make a connection to immigrants of Wisconsin.
  • Jocelyn Ritger, 1st grade, Rockfield - Grant to purchase supplies to make a grow light system so students can witness the entire life cycle of the plant in their school garden.
  • Jeanne Kasza, Spanish 1 and 2, GHS - Grant to attend a conference that focused on teaching Spanish proficiency through reading and story telling.
  • Mark McClellan, 11-12th grade environmental science and earth/space science, GHS - Grant to purchase hip boots for students to gather water tests.
  • Tracy Miller, K-5 MacArthur and K-1 Rockfield - Grant to rent a contemporary art exhibit of artist Wyland, marine life artist and conservationist.
  • Stephanie Milmore, GHS - Grant to purchase dry erase boards for auxiliary gym and lower gym to share information in class.
  • Kimberly King, 1st grade MacArthur - Grant to purchase document camera for classroom teaching.

2014-15 Grant Recipients

  • John Gradel, Amy Belle Elementary School  - Grant to purchase educational classroom board games supporting learning in Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies and social skills.
  • Melissa Pecunia, MacArthur Elementary School - Grant to purchase a second document camera that projects onto a Smart Board.

2013-14 Grant Recipients

  • Kelly Glaser, Kennedy Middle School—Grant to purchase books for classroom library to increase students’ love of books, vocabulary development and reading stamina.  
  • Devon Polzar, MacArthur Elementary School–Grant to purchase handbells and materials for music classroom. They will be used to teach primary grades how to read music.

2012-13 Grant Recipients

  • Keith Kohls, Germantown High School—Grant to attend a CNC Machining Center Operation Course to enhance the Tech Ed department’s curriculum through the addition of a metals course
  •  Jon Stachowiak, Germantown High School—Grant to attend a CNC Machining Center Operation Course to enhance the Tech Ed department’s curriculum through the addition of a metals course  
  • Jeff Thielke, Kennedy Middle School— Grant to purchase a Button-making Machine for the Technology Center at KMS


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