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2015 Scholarship Award Winners pictures

Take a look at photos from this years Scholarship Awards night!

Scholarship Opportunities

Find out how you can create your own scholarship for targeted students.

Annual Dinner and Auction

Explore how you can help us raise money to provide students with scholarships.

GCSF Board

See who is behind the scenes working to provide scholarships for Germantown School District students and what you con do to help us.

Advancing the higher education goals of our community’s youth

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Scholarship Resources for Students

Scholarship Resources for Donors

Student Scholarship Applications
GCSF Scholarships
The deadline for the 2018 Student Scholarship Applications was February 5, 2018.  To view information on this year's timelines, process and application materials, please see the below links:

2018 Student Scholarship Application:  Germantown High School Student

2018 Student Scholarship Application:  Private School, Open Enrollment Out or Virtual School Student

2018 Student Scholarship Application:  Home School

Find who is giving scholarships and the requirements of each one.

There is also information on how you can give a named scholarship and guidelines for requirements you can establish for your scholarship.

Scholarship Recipients: Award Request

Upon completion of your first semester of college, you may request your scholarship award. Follow the instructions and submit your request to GHS Counseling office.

Scholarship Winners

Complete list of scholarship recipients from the past year

Scholarship Selection Process

Here we outline and explain the process that the GCSF scholarship committee goes through to make sure the selection process is fair and unbiased.  We pride ourselves on our process and want you to know what we do to make sure scholarships are awarded fairly.

Scholarship History

This is the history of the scholarships we have given out since 1981

Scholarship Planner Book

The GCSF provides a scholarship planning booklet to the Germantown school district students in their freshman year. An original booklet can be obtained at the Germantown High School Counseling Office and at Dental Professionals. If you need additional blank pages they can be printed by clicking on the link below.

Planner Pages

Community Volunteer Connection

The Washington County Civic Group was formed in the spring of 2010 by Police Chief Hoell to create civic alliances, foster relationships, and lend a helping hand to volunteer groups located in Washington County. Use the Community Volunteer Connection link to explore numerous opportunities for students and/or adults to volunteer within our community. Send requests for your organization to be included to



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